Money Back Guarantee

This Guarantee applies to:
Clients who have consented to comply with the Informed Consent, including the Cancellation and Rescheduling policies and associated fees.
AND signed up for the:
A La Carte Program

This Guarantee does NOT apply to:
Clients in any Custom Program.
Please refer to the Capped Price Guarantee for the Custom Program Guarantees

This Guarantee is calculated as follows:
- 100% No-Questions-Asked Full Money-Back-Guarantee within 30 days of initial payment.
- We pay a fee to our credit card processor, which we don't get refunded when you get a refund. We will absorb this processing fee so that you get all your money back.
- The costs of used 1-on-1 sessions as well as the cancellation, admin or rescheduling fees, are deducted from your refund.

Example: If you request a refund 10 minutes before a scheduled 1-on-1 appointment, we will first deduct your cancellation fee before issuing the refund.

We process your refund within 8 business hours of your request.
You can issue a request by email to: 
The funds will be returned to the same payment method you used for payment.

This Guarantee is immediately Null and Void without recourse of any kind if:
- The Couples' account is not paid up to date. This includes but is not limited to fees arising from cancellation/rescheduling fees, additional individual counseling fees for either of the partners in the relationship, unpaid instalments, etc.

To avoid insurance fraud, no refund is payable once insurance receipts are issued.

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