Counselling Cost: $88.48 +HST

per session hour.
First Session = 50% OFF

How much is Counselling in Toronto - Choose therapy that is right for you.

Please note that some Extended Health Insurance plans cover "Counselling" in their "Health Spending Account", please contact your insurance company to enquire about their prerequisites.

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How Many Counselling Sessions?

I am often asked how many sessions it takes. The official answer is: "That depends on many factors". While this is the correct answer, the average for most of my clients is 3-4 months of weekly counselling sessions of an hour. For couple's counselling (without individual issues) the average is also 3-4 months. For sexual infidelity counselling or other extramarital affairs the average is 4-6months of weekly sessions. This may provide you with the information you need to budget a realistic cost of counselling.

First Session

*The first session is a discovery session. In the first session we cover relevant topics and methods pertaining to your situation. This allows us to get acquainted with each other to make sure its a good match to be able to do this work. ONE FIRST consultation per person.
No-Show and Cancelled sessions are subject to cancellation policy available via this link.

Full informed consent available via this link.

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