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Intentional Relationship Counseling*
We create a custom quote
to match your needs
during your Free, No Obligation, Assessment

* Intentional Relationship Counseling
Complete a complimentary, private, in-person (over Zoom) Free Intentional Relationship Recovery Assessment to evaluate and understand your options for creating a deeply fulfilling, mature, intimate relationship.
- Capped and Package Pricing are available with Free Assessment.
- In most cases, I can offer you a firm quote during the free assessment that includes outcome, timeframe, and Capped Price Guarantee.
- Infidelity, Parenting, and Libido can be included in packages.


We currently only provide direct billing for the following insurers:
Medavie Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Saskatchewan Blue Cross

You are responsible for paying for your services and your insurance company reimburses you for a portion of these fees upon presentation of an "Insurance Receipt." 
Ask your insurance company if they cover "Counselling Therapists" with The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (ACTA) and what type of receipts they need.
My Registration number is: 2706

Payments: Credit Card - Interac - E-transfer

How Many Counseling Sessions?

I am often asked how many sessions it takes. The official answer is: "That depends on many factors." While this is the correct answer, most clients' average is 3-4 months of weekly counseling sessions. The average for couples counseling (without individual issues) is three months. 

First Session

*The relationship assessment is a discovery session. In the first session, we cover relevant topics and methods pertaining to your situation. This allows us to get acquainted with each other to ensure you're a good match for this approach. ONE FREE consultation per person.
No-show and Canceled sessions are subject to the cancellation policy available via this link.

Full informed consent is available via this link.

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