Anthony Santen SAC Dip(Adv. Psychotherapy) Counselling Yorkville

Anthony Santen

Anthony Santen SAC Dip(Adv. Psychotherapy) Counselling Yorkville

Individual Counselling

You can turn your life around by making the changes now, that have major influence on your life. And today is a good day to get started.

You found this web site because you are looking for solutions. Only you know when you're ready to take the next step and finally choose to make a change for the better and how you want to show up in your life.
Don't let another day go by. Start right now.

We all know people, who struggle, just to get through each day while others seem to be more resilient to life's challenges. So, what is holding some people back from becoming the person they want to be, while others are ready to take action and create opportunities?

If you understood the patterns and beliefs you use to navigate your lives, would you make new and better choices? Life doesn't need to be a struggle.

What if you had the ability to create your own destiny? Would you invest the time to learn these valuable tools? That's what Life Mastery Coaching is all about.

Its never too late to make a difference and when you start today, you'll notice progress right away!

"The Tools You Need for the Life You Want"

Scroll UpMindfulness & Awareness

How do you create peace and harmony for yourself? Are you aware of your own behaviors, patterns and beliefs that are assisting or hindering you to live a peaceful life?

Mindfulness and Awareness are part of The Path Within®program, that enable the clarity you need to live in harmony with your thoughts, release fear-based thinking and create your own path to freedom and abundance.

When you're ready to find joy and meaning in your life, the agreements you make with yourself and others become the core ingredients to authentic living.

One of my clients wrote: "Anthony, I've spent my life like a prisoner, reaching towards the light through window bars. In a few short weeks you have shown me how to push through those walls, reach into my past and into my future ... and to finally set my soul free.

My amazement at my transformation is profound, and my gratitude transcends words.

Scroll UpStrategic Intervention for Families

What would you do for your family? - Anything, right?

Would you heal yourself and your own habits to heal your family?

Do you realize that your children's behavior doesn't change from your verbal instructions but from imitating your behaviors and values? You, yourself, were personally influenced by the beliefs instilled by your parents, religion, country and peer groups. The negative residues of their programming passes to you as if through osmosis.

Think of the impact you have on your children. Their behaviors and difficulties are directly influenced by you. And your healing will break the cycle. Your children won't carry the burden of having to overcome their relationship with you.

Break the cycle... Imagine how you want your children to remember you, in the future.

As impossible as it may seem at this time, in a few short weeks, you too can create fulfilling relationships and bring peace and harmony into your family.

One of my clients (a medical doctor) wrote me: "Anthony, I know you think I save lives and that is great. But I truly think you do something greater. You save lives, you make people whole again. That is a gift and I feel truly lucky to have found a way to heal myself with your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Scroll UpChildren and Framework Parenting

I work with children from 7 years old.

My approach is to normalise and integrate the child’s experience from the child’s viewpoint and in the child’s own language. Using a variety of perception and behaviourally focused techniques drawing from various modalities (as I see appropriate in each situation).

I have developed a Brief Therapy model of Family Intervention I have called ‘Framework Parenting’ which addresses the family dynamic from the welfare and stability of the children’s experience (and from their viewpoint) – with as side-effect that parents are able to find time and energy to focus some of their energy on their own wellbeing. This approach focuses on reducing the children’s anxiety, illusion of responsibility and increasing the children’s behavioural and emotional stability through fundamental re-alignment of the child’s perception of division of responsibility, horizon of awareness and frame (viewpoint) while working to develop each child’s self-esteem, self-reliance and awareness of relative strengths, abilities and agency.

I have worked with several CAS cases (and many more non-CAS cases) using this approach; assisting the parents and their children in stabilizing the home environment and improving their children’s behaviour and emotional stability.

Scroll UpLife Purpose and Spiritual Path

The Soul Coaching / Life Coaching program modules of The Path Within® Program are uniquely suited for gaining insight into our life's purpose and spiritual path. For most clients this means deep self-discovery and soul work, including Past Life Regression, Soul Circle Reconnection, Soul Retrieval and ultra deep core work for peace, harmony and self-actualization.

Live an Autonomous and Authentic Life with nurturing and fulfilling relationships.

Scroll UpGrief & Loss Survival

We understand that when we must let go of a loved one, we go through a grieving process, but did you know that we grieve for other lost potentials, such as a relationship, a job and many more...

Understanding the process and its impact on our ability to function, concentrate, prioritize, etc. especially with the ones we love can save us from severe depression and other related and deep-rooted responses.

Sometimes, coping with grief and loss reminds our subconscious of issues we've experienced earlier in life. This may just make the symptoms worse.

I treat each situation in its unique context, often the understanding of the deeper reasons that cause your grieving help you live through your most difficult experiences.

Scroll UpOvercoming Fears & Phobias

Did you know that you learn fear?

Did you know you can remove fears quickly - and permanently?

Fears can affect the way you live your life, often preventing you from activities or from feeling safe. I use two highly effective approaches to overcoming fears and phobias. We choose together, the most suitable way to approach the problem and work with the most relevant approach to remove the fear permanently.

One of my most skeptical clients wrote: "I'm a believer! This is simply incredible! I had to tell you, I saw a rat, and I watched it do its thing... scurry around and disappear under a porch. And I said to myself, look - there's a rat! And I wasn't scared or freaking out at all! Amazing... simply amazing, thank you"

Scroll UpHuman Needs Psychology & Assessment

Without the fundamental understanding of our Human Needs we tend to struggle, trying to live a life we would want to call 'abundant' or even 'satisfactory'. Creating an understanding of Human Needs Psychology opens the door to meeting our own Basic Human Needs, and the key to a happy life. Take this to the next level and learn that meeting others' Human Needs is the key to fulfilling and lasting relationships.

Based on the work of Abraham Mazlow, Carl Jung, John Bowlby and strongly influenced by subsequent research and publications by Cloe Madanes and Anthony Robbins, Human Needs Psychology and Strategic Intervention has undergone a much needed revival.

Human Needs Psychology and Strategic Intervention include the latest research and tools to rapidly overcome major issues in your life that are preventing you from moving forward. These valuable tools provide the foundation for your personal transformation.

Scroll UpSoul Psychology

Taking the Human Needs Psychology as a result of our Soul's needs, I have researched further into the Basic Needs of the Soul & Self to create Soul Psychology. The awareness around our Soul's needs and our drive towards Self Actualization.

Understanding the Soul's Needs also, creates an immediate clarity to how we make decisions and why we behave according to these decisions and even gives us insight into our need for personal growth and how we think and feel in any given situation.

While the theory can be fascinating, the result of this knowledge can be translated into understanding of your behaviors and immediate changes towards new thoughts, decisions and behaviors that lead to a life of fulfillment.

Scroll UpEricksonian Hypnotherapy

Milton Erickson has long been considered the forerunner of transformational hypnotherapy. His work has inspired a methodology that seems so simple, yet creates lasting change over time with very little effort by the client. The changes happen in the background, as you listen to stories and speak in frank terms about your problems.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy happens without the conscious effort of the client.

Combining Strategic Intervention with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy techniques has allowed me to help my clients shift their approach to life in ways and at a pace, which was hereto considered impossible.

Enjoy a healthy banter, with question and answer in every session, to discover your own answers and connect with a deeper meaning of life itself, the Law of Attraction, Manifestation and true Transformational Awareness - real answers that resonate in your life.

Scroll UpStress Management

Stress happens when you commit to responsibilities you are unable to fulfil.

Understanding how to create a life where overcoming stress, as an achievement, makes us feel alive without eroding our personal wellbeing is a Life Mastery Skill we could all use.

A certain amount of stress comes from a sense of urgency and feeling challenged by our drive to progress beyond our current capabilities. This motivates us to grow and challenges life itself - to prove we're alive. When stress, however, overwhelms us, we shut-down and become weakened by the amount of energy is drained. This depletes our reserves and we become fearful of our future.

Learning to manage stress, is a Life Skill that puts us firmly in control of our decisions and actions and allows you to look forward to your next day.

Life is full or surprises, good surprises and bad ones. Overcoming them makes you feel alive or stressed - depending on your Stress Management Skills

Scroll UpMind-Body Connection

The Journal of American Medicine, The Canadian Journal of Reproductive Health, and the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Medicine have now confirmed, not only the Mind-Body Connection, but also the role this plays on patient outcomes. My work is mostly focused on Fertility and Gastro-Intestinal (GI) related work.

From balancing hormone levels, menstrual phases and Fertility related Mind-body Communication to Deep-Anchoring of Wellness using the S-Bridge Technique.

My original research and subsequent successes have been in the work relating to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Leaky Gut Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and related issues, including Gall Stones and Digestive problems.

More recently, I have worked with women with Fertility and Conception related issues.

E. Came to me with IBS "Anthony, thank you for helping me. I feel so lucky that I found you"

K. Came to me with Infertility "When I was coming here, I did not know what to expect. Five years of working with doctors after removing an ectopic pregnancy. Then IVF, acupuncture and various drugs. I thought you were the last resort; I thought you might do weird stuff, but you don't. I'm amazed that after only 9 sessions [on the 2nd cycle after our first session] I got pregnant! Wow, I cannot thank you enough!"

Scroll UpSexual Performance

Relationships suffer when there are problems with performance, libido, lack of connection, etc.

Sexual problems are manifestations of warning signs that should not be ignored.

In men and women, these warning signs come in a variety of ways and, in their early stages, can be successfully helped by connecting with the source of the problem through hypnosis allowing the issue to resolve, resulting in renewed interest and energy regarding sexuality and your relationship.

I consult with couples suffering from infertility, sexuality, sensuality, libido and performance. In my office, these are not taboo subjects, and we talk freely about your goals and how we may address them without having to use uncomfortable language or descriptions of graphic nature.

You will be comfortably guided through the conversation, either as a couple, or as an individual.

M. writes: "Thank you for helping me recapture my vivacious and excitable self again. All is good on the home front. You do amazing work. Looking forward to our next session."

Scroll UpSoul Retrieval

Do you feel like you're missing something inside?
Do you get stuck thinking about certain events in your life?
Are your thoughts returning to the same events - over and over?

When a person goes through a traumatic event, they leave a piece of themselves behind.

  • When you break up with a lover, or when you lose a loved one, you grieve and leave a small part of your soul behind.
  • Even when you change a job, move schools, parents divorce, car accident, etc. You find yourself coping by moving forward, yet always leaving a little piece of your heart or soul behind.

When you come away from a major event or situation in your life, your soul severs a piece of itself to cope, allowing you to let go, and move on. But you can't keep leaving parts of you behind and 'soldier on' without feeling like swiss-cheese... an empty or hollow feeling. You would rather move forward, with healed scars and a whole soul.

Understanding your new self, after a traumatic event or episode is a challenge often accompanied by grieving, sadness, anger and learning. The new-self emerges from the ashes and thrives, but is always missing that piece, it needed to sacrifice for its freedom.

To be ready for your new life, love wholeheartedly, to completely embrace your new world with fearlessness and with your whole soul, you need to retrieve the parts you left behind - and integrate them into your new life.

The process of soul retrieval is empowering and enlightening.

In just a few sessions, you will emerge with a deep understanding, strong and light. You will learn the tools to find your core being, connect with your guides, maintain a powerful presence and integrate your past to create a strong foundation for your future.

Scroll UpSleep Management

We often see a combination of Sleep problems.

You cannot fall asleep because you're brain is busy with thoughts of the day, anxiety, worry, over-tired, etc.
We provide you with tools you can use immediately to address this type of sleep problem and provide the best way to alleviate the vicious circle patterns of your thoughts. You release the anxiety, worry, etc. and we provide you with working CD's to guide you through self-hypnosis into a relaxing and refreshing sleep.

The other type of sleep problem requires a more individualized approach. In this type of sleep problem, You wake up in the night, often without any realization of what woke you, and now you cannot go to sleep again, you sleep briefly, then wake again. This type of sleep depravation influences everything you do in the day, it affects your relationships, your energy levels and more.
We specialize in both types of sleep problems.