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SAC Dip(Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP

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I would like to invite you to a more direct form of therapy. A therapeutic process where the client is their own change agent and the facilitator is a skilled catalyst to the client process. A modern approach that provides a reality-based alternative - beyond the outdated, regression-based and narrative-based therapies, still practiced in abundance today.

Let's focus on what truly matters to you: effective progress.
- To feel more certain, more effective
- Better able to process your thoughts, fears and feelings while finding insight into your own processes and learning to use yourself as an effective resource in your own life.

I provide a professional environment where we can work deliberately towards resolving your personal challenges. I have been in private practice for over 35 years.

I specialize in marriage counsellingcounselling for anxiety, depression, anger and existential crises when working with individuals. In marriage counselling, I specialize in creating functional, spiritualy meaningful, mutually rewarding relationships, break-up prevention and recovering from infidelity. Together we create relationship goals and break it down in practical steps that lead to your highest attainable relationship.

In our one-on-one sessions, I assist you to work from your strengths. To help you break through mental-health challenges that get in your way. I work with your willingness to unlock your personal potential and work towards realistic answers and achievable solutions. I provide a new approach to depression, anxiety and anger that my clients have found to be most helpful.

In marriage and couples counselling, I help you work on improving communications and your unique relationship issues. Love is a courageous foundation of surrender and reverence. Through my unique approach, I challenge you to courageously co-create your most intimate relationship. I strive to engage you in your own relationship challenges. I am passionate to approach marriage counselling using a 'Best Practices' approach to saving marriages and relationships at a fraction of the financial and emotional cost of a break-up. And, if you do the work, you get what you originally wanted: a beautifully rewarding relationship with your spouse.

Dialectic Therapy

Through dialogue, we create a therapeutic space from where you explore personal insights that facilitate breakthroughs, applicable to your personal situation. In asking honest questions we experience greater self-awareness, which will allow you to discover answers from within yourself. Progressively attainable goals facilitate rapid personal development giving access to personal problem solving skills, self-reliance and self-esteem.

You are motivated through the process of change. No endless cycles of reliving the past - I promise you. With a renewed approach you can live through depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and anger. Learn to understand how to deal with them, permanently

"Anthony helped me discover my true passion in life and I will forever be grateful to him for showing me how to forge my own path to happiness.

Highly recommend him!

Jessica G. - Google Review

"How do you say thank you to someone who helped you see life in a different way? There don't seem to be enough words to express what I feel.

Thanks for starting me on a path to find the most that life has to offer!"

Adrian C. - Google Review

Counselling can help you break free from the isolation and frustration you may be feeling. Let me make it easier for you to make the decision, when you are ready to make that first appointment I'll give you 50% off. You have the opportunity to determine for yourself if my approach is the best counselling or the best couples therapy Online. Not everyone suits your style, not all health professionals works as passionately, not every counselor in the world is results driven.

Many people have tried traditional psychotherapy, narrative therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Months or even years of psychotherapy can be a frustrating journey if there is little or no headway. My approach is geared to help you quickly find practical answers that apply directly to your individual situation. Applicable to where they're most needed; directly to the root causes of your real life.

It takes courage to grow. Personal development helps you look at yourself, your situation, your strengths and your weaknesses. Together we discover the motivations and path within to create the results you want.

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