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Anthony Santen

S.A.C. Dip. (Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP

Cost of counselling and psychotherapy:

First Session Free
Taxes included

  • 60 minutes : $ 100
  • 90 minutes : $ 130

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Price Increase Notice:
Despite the increased cost of living, rent, licensing, membership fees, etc. I have continued to charge the same fees for the past 4 years. It will soon be time to increase my prices.

Clients who sign up before Friday, December 1, 2017 will continue to receive the current pricing for the remainder of their weekly sessions (*max. 1 year).

For clients who sign up after Friday, December 1, 2017 the increased fees apply (see below).

Future Pricing:

For clients who sign up after Friday, December 1, 2017 the following fee structure will apply:

  • 60 minutes : $ 110
  • 90 minutes : $ 145

Free first session

Weekly and bi-weekly time slots available
Weekend and evening time slots available
All taxes are inc.

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Credit Cards

We accept: Cash - Credit Card - Interac - Apple Pay

Sponsored Counselling available for: Low Income, Youth, Students, Unemployed, ODSP, OW, OAS via Affordable Counselling .ca

How to lower the cost of your sessions

There are 3 ways to save money on your sessions:
(You are encouraged to combine all that apply)

  1. Appointments weekdays before 5pm save $10 per session
  2. Paying in cash saves $5 per session
  3. Clients with combined family income of $50,000 or less save $25 per session
    • Requires: Last year's Notice of Assessment for all adults living in the family
    • AND Last 2 paystubs for you (or proof of government assistance OW/EI/OAS/ODSP/OSAP

Are sessions covered by insurance?

In most cases the answer is no, as most clients do not require "Controlled Act Psychotherapy" (i.e. The assessment and treatment of "Serious disorder of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory that may seriously impair the individual’s judgement, insight, behaviour, communication or social functioning").

Most clients require "Counselling Psychotherapy" which is not covered by Extended Health Plans.

The Controlled Act of Psychotherapy (for clients with 'Severe Impairment') would require DSM-5 diagnosis before being accepted for Health Insurance.

Are Sessions Tax Deductible?

For self-employed people your sessions may be considered 'Business Coaching' or 'Management Training' which may be tax deductible for income tax and HST.

Free Session

*The first session is a discovery session. The first session takes 30 - 60min and we cover relevant topics and methods pertaining to your situation. This allows us to get acquainted with each other to make sure its a good match to be able to do this work. ONE free consultation per person. No-Show and Cancelled sessions are charged at $50.