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Anthony Santen

S.A.C. Dip. (Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP

How dow you feel when every day you are told that depression is nothing more than a chemical imbalance of the brain and that a daily anti-depression pill will make you feel better and make your problems go away?

The issues that caused your depression are usually much more deep-rooted than can be addressed by drugs. Although anti-depression drugs may make you feel better, the real causes are not being addressed by masking the symptoms chemically.

My approach to working through depression is to see depression as a process of the mind, rather than an disease. The symptoms of fatigue, dysphoria, isolation, loneliness, endless second-guessing, grieving, mind-chatter, anxiety, etc. can be understood as symptoms, rather than the problem itself. While pharmaceuticals can be useful to provide symptom relief, experts agree that the problems are usually rooted much deeper than mind altering drugs can address.

Dealing with the underlying issues provides tools to create permanent solutions. Dealing with the root causes of depression allows you to emerge stronger and with a new foundation in reality to build your life on. And for many people this can be accomplished without the use of addictive and symptom-masking drugs.

This doesn't mean you stop taking your medication right away. Often we work in combination with the medication to improve patient outcome and in most cases reduce how much or how long a patient requires anti-depression medication*.

Healing Brain Response

I consider depression a healing response of our minds and a reaction to internal overwhelm. I have worked with people who had been on depression pills for 15 years and still felt depressed! After doing a few weeks of work (typically 3-6), they immediately began to feel better about themselves, their outlook and their life. They truly started to engage themselves in life again.

How it works

In the sessions we work with a three pronged approach: Understand, Embody, Relate

Every week we progress through cumulative breakthroughs, self-discovery and sometimes some easy exercises that lead to understanding ourselves in the world around us in a new way. Soon thereafter we transition to the next two phases wherein you discover the key tools to your own happiness and create within your own life and universe.

Come and talk. Your whole first session is completely free and without obligation. Its worth the time to simply come and talk over a cup of tea.

* If you were prescribed medication, please ensure you take the medicating as prescribed by your physician. While this work may be beneficial to you, it is not recommended to alter the dose or timing of your medication without consulting a medical professional. Many of my clients work with their medical professional to reduce or end their medication. Please do not take such decisions without medical advice.