Capped Price Guarantee

This Guarantee is only available when:
- Expressly and explicitly offered (I am not able to offer this Guarantee to all couples)

This Guarantee applies to the following:
- Couples' Session - Capped Price Packages Only
- Couples who are expressly and explicitly offered the Guarantee during the Relationship Recovery Assessment
- Couples who have consented to comply with the Informed Consent, including the Cancellation and Rescheduling policies and associated fees.

The Relationship Recovery Assessment includes:
- A number of questions to determine if my Relationship Services are appropriate and within my Scope of Practice.
- A conversation to determine if I can offer a Capped Price Package to the Couple.
- A conversation to determine if I can offer this Guarantee to the Couple.
Not all Couples are provided with an Offer, a Capped Price Package, or this Guarantee.

Relationship Goals:
- The Relationship Goals are mutually agreed upon during the Relationship Recovery Assessment among all parties.
- These Relationship Goals are the determining factor in the Number of Sessions and the Package Price.
- These Relationship Goals are only attainable if the Couple shares enough information to determine the Goals.
(Example: A good set of Goals: "To learn the skills and mindset to love and feel loved in return. To discover a deeper understanding of the intimate relationship and dynamics at play, create skillful interactions that honour both partners. To attain a better focus on core relationship needs and how to become closer and more rewarding to each other")

Intentional and Deliberate Participation is defined as:
The Intention is to be 100% committed to achieving the Relationship Goals as described above.
The 'Deliberate Participation requires each person in the couple to show up, do the work (not half-hearted), to participate and ask questions, and to genuinely try (and even persist in) all concepts, attitudes and techniques presented in the program, even if they don't work initially, for at least the full duration of the program. This also means thorough completions homework between sessions. 

Number of Sessions:
- Capped Price Packages do not have a fixed number of sessions.
- The Number of Sessions in a Capped Price Package is estimated based on the information provided during the Relationship Recovery Assessment
- As mentioned earlier, the Package Price is capped at the Number of Sessions in the estimate.
- The Number of Sessions can be extended if the Relationship Goals are not reached within the estimated Number of Sessions to a maximum of 25% additional sessions. (A typical example would be: Capped Price at 16 Sessions, includes up to 4 more sessions, for a total of 20, but the cost is Capped at the Total Package Price.)
- Additional Couples' Sessions beyond 125% of the contracted package can be purchased at a 20% discount if needed.
- The Number of Sessions ends when the Goals are achieved.

This Guarantee is immediately Null and Void without recourse of any kind if:
- The Couples' account is not paid up to date. This includes but is not limited to fees arising from cancellation/rescheduling fees, additional individual counseling fees for either of the partners in the relationship, unpaid instalments, etc.
- Either or both parties to the Couple lacks "Intentional and Deliberate Participation" as described above.
- Factors pertaining to the relationship were not made explicitly available or were excluded during the Relationship Recovery Assessment that would impact the number of sessions required for the couple or that would cause my Relationship Recovery Program to be Out of Scope for my practice, such as: inability or unwillingness to use or assimilate the concepts or materials, inability or unwillingness to practice and integrate the content or materials, inability or unwillingness to fully participate in each session with homework completed, undisclosed family interference, infidelity, addictions, blended family issues, religious convictions or restrictions, undisclosed mental illness, disabilities, etc.
- The Couple suspends their Session dates by more than 14 days. (Example: Couple cannot attend sessions for 15 days or more, then resumes sessions)

The Guarantee:
2nd Session Guarantee: If either party notifies the other party by email BEFORE the end of the day, following the 2nd scheduled session, the Couple receives a full refund.
(example: The email notification is sent at 7 pm on the day after the 2nd session, and a full refund is initiated)
125% Sessions Guarantee: If the Couple requires more than the estimated sessions to complete the agreed Goal, we continue the Sessions at no additional cost, up to 125% of the estimated Number of Sessions, after which additional fees apply. 
Buy-Out: If either party notifies the other party by email before the completion of the Number of Sessions, removing/voiding/cancelling any and all discounts, incentives and packaged bonuses, I will refund a Buy-Out amount based on: Funds already received, minus the retail value of Number of past sessions in the schedule, minus the retail value of the Program Material Package, minus a Buy-Out Admin Fee. The Buy-Out Amount will be refunded to the payment method used to make the last payment.

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