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Hi I'm Anthony Santen,

With over 25+ years of experience, I have developed a fresh, efficient, results-oriented approach to relationship counselling. This approach to relationship counselling is specifically designed to return couples to effective collaboration, intimate togetherness, and deeply accepting, trusting love. My approach focuses on the shortest route to the most profound and most rewarding connection between two people.

Couples have told me they have no time for endless sessions that look for fault and rehash the blame, and for them, the best relationship counselling is short and effective. Instead, they seek relationship therapy that clarifies and prioritizes the core issues. Couples want a focused approach that directly and deliberately transforms the core issues in the relationship without interfering with the personalities and expressions of the individuals. 

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Intentional Relationship: A La Carte

By: Anthony Santen, SAC Dip (Adv. Psychotherapy), MCH CLC, NLP NC

Are you tired of struggling in your relationship?

This innovative, Breakthrough Approach Will Positively Impact Your Intimate Relationship and Your Life Forever.

Don't wait any longer to transform your relationship into the relationship you always wanted, even if your relationship has deteriorated to an imminent breakup.
Get immediate access to the Intentional Relationship Program TODAY and get results right away!

Take accountability for how you show up in your relationship and create positive changes in how your partner responds to you, starting NOW.
This is the first step towards a happier and more fulfilling relationship even if your partner isn't interested in joining you in the program. This program will still directly impact BOTH of you or your full money back* - no questions asked.

If You Want A Forever Relationship,
You'll Want To Watch These Videos

What Do You Do?

What Is Your Mission?

What Do Couples Want From Their Relationship?

And You Provide That?

What About Compatibility?

What About Infidelity?

Who Is This Program For?

Do Clients Need To Be Committed?

Who Is This Program Not For?

How Successful Is This Program?

How Do Your Clients Achieve These Amazing Results?

What Makes Your Approach So Effective?

What Makes You Different Than Other Counselors?

Can I Do This Program Solo?

How Much Time And Effort To Accomplish These Goals?

What About Follow-up and After Care?

How Is The Program Delivered?

Course Overview - Onboarding Video

Client Testimonials

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"I got so much more than I could have imagined
Some of the best money I spent in my entire life!
It feels very freeing...
It's so worth it.
I could not believe we could be done this quickly...
It had a way bigger and deeper impact than I could have anticipated...
So different than traditional counselling."

"We tried traditional therapy, but it wasn't for us at all.
You pushed us to see beyond ourselves.
It was the best decision we could have made.
We did this in about 3 months!
You helped me break down huge barriers."

"You do a good job of laying the ground work. 
You gave us tools and skills that we'll use forever
We can't thank you enough for that!
I just want to say thank you!"

"He had already moved out
We had done couples counselling before
There was a layer we were completely missing.
I'm really happy that we did it
You can work on yourself as well
It's all been worth it
You can see the difference in our kids"

Do you want to be confident about your outcomes?

Then, let's take your relationship seriously and follow this step-by-step rekindle process that starts with ourselves.

Expert Guidance to Transform Your Relationship:
Trust our track record and reputation to support you every step of the way. Our program is led by Anthony Santen, a 25-year Relationship Expert who will guide you toward transforming your relationship - one step at a time (program outline below).

92% Success Rate
Join the thousands of couples who have achieved success. Our program boasts a 92% success rate, delivering tangible results and reigniting a safe, accepting connection.

Practical Strategies for Lasting Change
Say goodbye to empty promises and embrace our no-nonsense approach. We will equip you with practical strategies that create real change in your relationship without any confusion or fluff.
Discover the tools you need to build a strong and fulfilling relationship.

Clear Progress Toward a Fulfilling Relationship
Experience clear progress with a realistic end goal. Our program is designed to guide you toward the healthy, fulfilling relationship you always wanted.

Comprehensive and Realistic Program
Our program doesn't rely on magic or empty promises. We offer a comprehensive and realistic approach, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to build a strong and sustainable foundation.

Affordable Value with Tangible Results
Your relationship deserves an investment. Our program offers affordable value, ensuring you receive tangible and meaningful results that will positively impact your life.
Invest in your relationship to see these real results.

Once and Done
Transform Your Relationship Once and For All
Why settle for temporary fixes? We empower you to make lasting changes in a single journey. Invest your time wisely and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.
Experience the transformative power of our program for yourself.

Guidance and Support
Every Step of the Way
When you encounter obstacles, we're here to help. Our program offers ongoing support, ensuring you never feel alone in your journey towards a thriving relationship.

Engaging Videos for Personal Connection
Experience our program in a personal and intimate way. Through engaging videos presented in a relaxed and private setting, you'll feel as if we're having a meaningful conversation just for you.

Evidence-Based Strategies for a Stronger Relationship
Our program is grounded in evidence-based strategies sourced from evolutionary psychology, which have been proven to work. From effective communication and conflict resolution to building trust, and resolving anger and intimacy issues, we address the crucial elements for a thriving relationship.

You have enough reasons of your own to want a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

Change Your Life Today
Don't Just Trust Me. Try Me
(If it doesn't work for you and your relationship, you get your money back right away!*)


People Who Are Ready To Changing Their Lives Forever
Are You Ready?


1x payment

- Instant Access

A La Carte Package Includes:

The Intentional Relationship Program: A La Carte
19 Core Video Modules

9 Intentional Relationship Foundations
9 Full Advanced Relationship Session Video Recordings (Until now, only available to personal 1-on-1 clients.)

12 Advanced Deep-Dives
12 Advanced In-Session Video Recordings - (Until now, only available to personal 1-on-1 clients.)

The Anger Clinic
End anger before it begins in 13 lesson modules. All the tools to address anger (in your relationship)

The Libido Clinic
Solve the intimate aspects of your relationship using a respectfully practical approach. Understand how sexual desire differences can be overcome.

The Sleep Clinic
Discover healing sleep to find more bandwidth to deal with life's biggest stressors.


People Who Are Ready To Changing Their Lives Forever
Are You Ready?


1x payment

- Instant Access

You Want Results

We have been fine-tuning this program for years, and with 25 years of client results data, we can confidently say that this program will greatly impact how you show up in your intimate relationship. To get the best results, please set aside a time commitment in your calendar to approximate the schedule below.

Typical Schedule
For a 16 Week Program 90-120 minutes a week

Week 1:
Attitudes: 1. Lecture: Tree & Forest
Attitudes: 2. Lecture: All Discomfort
Week 2:
Attitudes: 3. Lecture: Profoundness
Attitudes: 4. Lecture: Communication
Week 3:
Attitudes: 5. Lecture: Pot of Gold
Attitudes: 6. Lecture: Mistake / Bad Decision

Week 4:
Attitudes: 7. Lecture: The 4 Ways
Foundations: 1. Lesson: Learning To Love
Foundations: 2. Lesson: Love vs. In Love
Week 5:
Foundations: 3. Lesson: Relationship Stages
Foundations: 4. Deep Dive: Level 2 Relationship

Week 6:
Foundations: 5. Lesson: Maturing Relationship
Foundations: 6. Deep Dive: Parents' Model of Love
Foundations: 7. Lesson: Why We Mate
Foundations: 8. Audio: Why We Mate - 2
Foundations: 9. Deep Dive: What you both need
Foundations: 10. Deep Dive: What She Needs
Foundations: 11. Deep Dive: What He Needs
Week 7:
Foundations: 12. Lesson: Male and Female
Foundations: 13. Deep Dive: A Woman is the gateway

Week 8:
Foundations: 14. Lesson: The 3 ships
Foundations: 15 Lesson: Uplevel Prerequisites
Foundations: 16. Lesson: Misconceptions
Week 9:
Uplevel: 1. Lesson: Relationship Levels
Uplevel: 2. Lesson: What and Why Level III
Uplevel: 3. Lesson: Level III Transitions
Uplevel: 4. Lesson: Level III Transitions 2
Uplevel: 5. Deep Dive: Tree and Storm
Uplevel: 6. Deep Dive: Tolerating
Uplevel: 7. Deep Dive: Nothing To Teach
Uplevel: 8. Deep Dive: Help as violence
Week 10: 
Uplevel: 9. Lesson: Level III Directives
Uplevel: 10. Deep Dive: Three Directives

Week 11:
Uplevel: 11. Lesson: Integrating Love Languages
Uplevel: 12. Deep Dive: Love Languages
Uplevel: 13. Lesson: Paramount Relationship
Uplevel: 14. Deep Dive: Paramount
Uplevel: 15. Audio: Love Is Intent
Week 12:
Anger: All 13 Anger Modules
Week 13:
Advanced: 1. Lesson: Trust and Intent
Advanced: 2. Lesson: Forgiveness
Advanced: 3. Deep Dive: Trust/Forgiveness

Week 14:
Advanced: 4. Lesson: Suggestion vs Instruction
Advanced: 5. Deep Dive: Suggestion/instruction
Week 15:
Advanced: 6. Lesson: Secret Agreements (Together)
Advanced: 7. Audio: Libido Differences
Advanced: 8. Lecture: Drinking and Relationship
Week 16 Onwards:
Bonus Materials

* 30 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

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