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Anthony Santen

S.A.C. Dip. (Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP


I've spent my life like a prisoner, reaching towards the light through window bars. In a few short weeks you have shown me how to push through those walls, reach into my past and into my future ... and to finally set my soul free.

Because of you, I stand bathed in light, in a universe of infinite possibilities. Through your genuine concern, skills and unique therapeutic approach to personal development, you have given me the skills and understanding to achieve a future of my own choice and creation.

My amazement at my transformation is profound, and my gratitude transcends words.

For your support, help, and friendship ... thank you

Love, warmth and affection always ...

F. came to me to work with personal development and relationship
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You've helped me make my life better and easier. You've given me tools to improve myself and enjoy a happier existence.

I'll never forget you for this footprint in my heart; my life.

My deepest thanks,

M. came to me with a sense of disillusionment
about her life and relationships
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I just want to let you know that I have recommended you to a few of my friends. Also thank you for the session last week! My husband said I am much happier every time after I talk to you. I do feel a difference too. Thank you so much!!!


How do you say thank you to someone who helped you see life in a different way? There don't seem to be enough words to express what I feel. Thanks for starting me on a path to find the most that life has to offer!


Anthony opened the door to a completely different perspective for us, very rapidly and with full engagement he quite literally saved our marriage.

Having had experience with different therapists I was, and still am in shock at how effective our results have been. Both my wife and I cannot thank him enough for his support and guidance through this very difficult time. We have also referred three other couples to him. Out of the two that made appointments the feedback received was on par with our experience.


I wanted to wish you happy holidays and thank you for working with us. You saved our relationship and we are happy more than ever.

Happy new year and wishing you the best!


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you to outline my experience as a patient of Anthony Santen.
As someone who has endured an entire year of weekly therapy sessions at a local hospital and seen very little results in my levels of motivation, confidence, stress levels, and over-all mental health, I decided to look elsewhere for alternative therapy.

I am incredibly grateful to have found Mr. Santen as I felt my attitude begin to shift after only a few sessions.


It is my opinion that Mr. Santen’s long-standing therapeutic experience and his deep interest in and respect for the human being make him a highly effective and safe psychotherapist. His ongoing practice of self-reflection and his openness to new perspectives allow him to grow with his clients’ needs.

In his contributions Mr. Santen consistently demonstrates the breadth of his knowledge, his competency in psychotherapy, and his dedication to safe practice within the ethical frameworks of the profession.

I have come to see Mr. Santen as highly professional while also allowing for deep, true human connection to his clients. He may be direct at times, but that is, in my opinion, exactly what makes him a good therapist.


Anthony, I know you think I save lives and that is great. But I truly think you do something greater. You save lives, you make people whole again. That is a gift and I feel truly lucky to have found a way to heal myself with your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

L. (a Medical Doctor)

I want to tell how how much your help was instrumental in our relashionship, (A.) and I wouldn't been together today if you were not there. You saved our couple and opened our eyes. I will be forever grateful to have met you and have you as a coach.

You are simply Amazing.


It worked for me... and still does. Is an eye opener experience, a reboot to our conditioning, the true reality to align with.
Always been drawn, challenged, cured, fascinated... - a reconnection with your true self, spiritual awakening towards a happy existence. 
Thank you, Anthony! I will see you again, and again, and again...! 
I wish your wisdom and patience to be fullfiling for you and all souls connected with yours! 

A. came to me with severe anxiety, unable to work,
after having tried standard medicine for months

While I have completed the program with Anthony, the tools and strategies that I have been taught are something that I will continue to apply in my life for as long as I live!  I really do appreciate Anthony’s guidance and recommend to anyone who is trying to change their life to get in contact with him and setup your first meeting!


I have spent many years dealing with a loss of confidence, sadness and a difficult family situation. No matter what I did I could not seem to create the life I wanted at work or at home. My sessions with Anthony completely changed my life! Anthony is amazing at what he does.

I want to put in a good word, and recommend this man. I wish I had found him sooner. It would have saved me years of struggle. Anyway... Highly recommended. Just amazing work. Thank you !

Google Review

All I can say to you, Anthony, is Thank You...

Thank you for helping me discover my life again.


D. came to me the day after his suicide attempt.
In less than 2 months, he has a full life,
filled with plans and dreams.

He has a wonderfully close relationship with his wife again
and thoroughly enjoys his children and grand children.

Not only has Anthony changed my life, but has become a friend and guide for life. I would recommend for anyone who wants to get their ultimate life to see anthony and let him work his magic on them too.

S. came to me with a broken relationship
and looking to re-empower her life.

I'll make this brief because it was. Only 15 weeks with Anthony freed me from debilitating bi-polar depression and bouts of catatonia that had been plaguing me for years. Years filled with drugs and doctors that were supportive but barely made a dent in the problem. Then in July Anthony promised me a happy winter and by Christmas he delivered through the medium of The Path Within.

Today I am active and engaged, learning and working; building a new career and enjoying time with my family and friends again. When we started he asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to be free. Now I am and I couldn't be happier, I haven't been happier. Ever.

Thank you Anthony, I can't recommend you highly enough.

After only 2 months, K's psychiatrist lowered
her medication by two thirds !

10 Years of Guilt and 8 years of anti-depressants and counselling. Obvious physical stress and isolation from my wife and children brought me to you in a desperate state. I was really looking for a way to relieve my stress-related symptoms. [severe IBS]

When you suggested to address the root-causes, I was skeptical, but willing to be surprised....

What followed was 8 sessions of questions, exercises and homework. And look at my life now!
After 10 years, my marriage is a sanctuary of peace for my heart, and I've never felt this level of intimacy with my wife - Thank you !!! Its better than I imagined when we got married 22 years ago!

And Yes, my stress symptoms have all but disappeared and everyone wants to know 'the secret' to my contented smile. I have energy, I have motivation and I want to keep my job, I want to keep my wife and I want to keep my life! Wow, this is so different than 2 months ago!

It's just amazing what you do. I'm in awe of the speed and commitment to my transformation which allowed me to feel THIS ALIVE. I can't thank you enough! There is simply no value you can place on this work. I'm so grateful and indebted to you forever, for saving my life.



When I came to you last summer, my life was a mess. My relationships weren't working, I couldn't get my career going... I felt inadequate, helpless and so unhappy with my life. No matter what I did "right", I couldn't steer my life where I wanted it to go.

Less than 6 months later - after doing the Path Within®Program with you - my world is a dramatically different place. Using the tools you taught me, I changed the direction of my life... and I LOVE IT!

Now I know what I want out of life AND how to go after it. The extent of which my innermost desires and dreams are coming true is incredible. Every day is filled with joy and a certainty about my future. This is a huge change from my old life... it feels wonderful to live like this... I wish everyone could know what this feels like!!

Right now I am on the cusp of realizing my two biggest dreams - I've found the man of my dreams and am about to achieve a huge leap in my career. Without the tools and support you provided me, neither of these would have happened.

Thank you so MUCH !!

R. came to me with mixed feelings about herself
and her life.

I wasn’t feeling engaged in life and I was on a roller coaster
I just wanted to change that feeling of powerlessness
I was lost...

Coming to the program and the process that you took me through I found myself again!

It’s amazing how great you are, at knowing just how to interact to get people to come out...

I had lost my passion and now I rediscovered who I am

Look at the difference from when I walked in until now. In 3 months!
How many other techniques or modalities can offer you that?
That’s pretty amazing! Its phenomenal.
Thank YOU ! I feel totally empowered...

I’m laughing again
And I had stopped laughing
I have a spring in my step
And those things mean so much... just so much
So, there’s a quality to life – that I had let go
And its back!, its back !
Thank you

I’m just ever so grateful, thank you.  
I so appreciate you, and your work.
Thank you

C. came to me feeling 'Burnt Out'

Anthony, you have changed my life. 
In every way imaginable. And you continue to help me develop, every day and in every possible way.

I have no words to express my gratitude. Seriously. I just don't know how to say thank you enough.

R. wanted to find the tools to re-align with her future

Anthony, after today I just have to say coming to you is the best thing I've done for myself in..... maybe ever (well, besides marrying my husband!) . You are amazingly good at this. The reason (ok, one reason) I'm able to gain from our sessions is because you are so deeply passionate about it and it shows.....and I could feel that from the first day. And so I need to just thank you right now. I know - you're 'just a guide' but you're a damn good guide and it's making a really big difference for me.

E. came to me initially to work with Fertility. 
In her program she needed to work with all aspects 
of her life's journey including her relationships and past.

Thank you for helping me recapture my vivacious and excitable self again. All is good on the home front. You do amazing work. Looking forward to our next session.